Most doctors find themselves at a crossroads at some point in their careers, feeling either burnt out or reduced to mere cogs in the machinery of corporate healthcare systems. I was once in that exact position, navigating the pressures of the Emergency Department and the monotony of traditional medical practice. But then, I chose a different path—a path that led me not just to rediscover my passion for medicine, but also to live my best life on my terms. I embarked on my locum tenens journey in 2016 and, frankly, I’ve never looked back. This decision opened up a world of opportunities for me, allowing me to travel at will, dedicate time to what truly matters to me, and, yes, even indulge in my love for supercars and Cuban cigars. If you’re seeking proof of the vibrant life that locum work can unlock, take a glance at my social media. You’ll see firsthand the adventures and freedoms I’ve enjoyed.

Founder & Author

I’m known as the LocumGuru, not just because I’ve successfully navigated the locum tenens waters myself, but because I’ve mastered the market from both a practitioner’s and an entrepreneurial perspective. My experiences as a full-time locum physician, combined with my insight into the business side of healthcare, have equipped me with a unique set of skills and knowledge. This expertise inspired me to found two successful companies: Locum Physicians United, a healthcare staffing firm committed to bringing transparency and fairness to the industry, and DocReady, a virtual telehealth company simplifying medication refills for chronic conditions.

Through LocumGuru, I aim to share this wealth of knowledge with you. Whether you’re a seasoned locum veteran or a doctor considering taking the leap into locum work for the first time, my blog is your go-to resource. I understand the market better than any locum company recruiter because I’m not just working in the field—I’m shaping it. My goal is to ensure that doctors working with me have the most rewarding experience possible, securing top-tier assignments and receiving the compensation they truly deserve.

Join me in embracing a life where professional fulfillment and personal happiness are not mutually exclusive. Let’s redefine what it means to practice medicine, together.